Extension Prices – Hair Extensions at Chameleons

Extension Prices girl with flying hair

We are often asked to give our Extension Prices over the telephone, unfortunately this is not possible as the work needed to achieve the desired result may vary enormously.

We use the highest quality Balmain Real Hair extensions.

We would ask you to read the Hair Extensions section carefully, and contact us on the same day that you wish to have your consultation. This consultation is Free of charge and will only take a few minutes.

If after the consultation you wish to proceed we will then ask for a deposit of 25% of the quoted amount and a date will be set for your hair extensions appointment. 

For obvious reasons you must not change your hair colour between the consultation and the appointment.

The quote you receive at your consultation is valid for one calendar month, the deposit is non returnable and is forfeit if the appointment is not kept for any reason.

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