Chameleons Retail Hairdressing Products

Chameleons Shampoo

Normal Hair Shampoo  £6.90 - 250ml

A gorgeously rich and creamy shampoo, perfect for normal to greasy hair.

Clarifying  Shampoo   £6.85 - 250ml

Formulated to clean hair of previous treatment residue, prior to new treatment essential pre perm or colour, removes silicone build up

IV Men Shampoo and Shampoo & Bodywash   £5.95 - 250ml

With all the great qualities of our other shampoos but with a superb Masculine fragrance

Coloured Hair  Shampoo  £6.85 - 250ml

Moisturising shampoo rich and luxurious gently foaming perfect for dry coloured or treated hair, cleans without drying containing genuine conditioners not silicones.

Hair Extensions Shampoo   £7.50 - 250ml

A beautiful soft wash non drying and specifically formulated not to interfere with extension adhesive, perfect for natural and synthetic extensions

Chameleons Conditioner

Conditioner Normal Hair   £8.10 - 250ml

A beautiful quick use conditioner.

Leave in Conditioner £8.10 - 250ml

Formulated to clean hair of previous treatment residue, prior to new treatment essential pre perm or colour, removes silicone build up

Protein Enrichment Spray  £8.10 -  250ml

Put back the proteins lost from every day life your hair will look and feel enriched and conditioned. Leave in spray.

Coloured Hair Conditioner  £8.10 - 250ml

An unbelievable conditioner formatted to richly treat coloured, processed or dry hair, we have not come across a comparable product.

Hair Extensions Conditioner  £8.10 - 250ml

Extensions and natural hair condition at different rates, here is an exceptional conditioning treatment formulated to enrich and re moisturise both your natural hair and your cherished extensions, leaves both looking and feeling enriched enlivened and totally pampered.

Chameleons styling products

Glossing Serum   £5.95 - 30ml

A beautiful concentrated serum that will instantly put a healthy glowing gloss to your hair, it helps split ends fly away hair and static problems. Will enhance either your natural hair colour or refresh your professional colouring, instant shine.

Gel  £3.95 - 100ml

Firm hold an exceptional quality version of every hairdressers primary styling tool, excellent light fragrance.

Flex   £7.60 - 100ml

Medium hold, an unsurpassed styling tool, medium hold soft feel, will add sheen to hair, perfect for moulding shaping scrunching, or simply combing , use it style with it, change of scene? Re style with your same first application! Re work and work again.

Pommade   £7.60 - 100ml 

For that glossed wet look. A firm non drying forming gel for control and style. Excellent for taming unruly hair.

Matte Clay  £7.60 100ml

Firm styling with strong hold which can mould and style, Matte Clay is, as the name suggests non reflective and non glossy for that natural creative look.

Spiker   £7.60 - 100ml

Super hold an intensely rich styling cream that dries quickly, in two different ways If used as a sculpting aid will dry to a hard finish enabling extreme styling(spikes etc.) with extreme hold all day. If applied sparingly with damp hands will flexibly hold the more sedate style perfectly all day. Water resistant, but easy to wash out.

Wax   £5.90 - 100ml

Varnishing and soft hold, an every day styling tool, giving colouring enrichment, conditioning and a mild hold, can be used to give a wet look.

Fixing Spray   £6.85 - 250ml

Firm hold, sometimes described as a spray gel, sometimes described as a pump hairspray, but simply it is a firm holding, instantly drying styling spray, use as a hairspray or a gel, comb it through or hold a finished style.

Fibre Creme   £7.60 - 100ml

An exceptional styling product that gives total hair freedom. Mould, shape, style, go wild. Use in dry or damp hair. Create! A softer and easier to apply product than the traditional hard fibre, but with the same hold and freedom of styling.

Styling/Blow Drying Spray   £6.80 - 250ml

Giving Medium hold this spray has a soft feel and is gently conditioning.

Chameleons treatment products

Intensive Damage Repair   £10.25 - 100ml

Deep re moisturising, a stunning hair mask, leave in for up to 20 minutes, to deeply re moisturise or condition very dry hair, a superb pre treatment before colouring, and an exceptional post treatment to any chemical or drying process, even the most brittle of hair experiences a rejuvenation of softening and rich deepening of vibrancy. Pure indulgence for hair.

Hair Repairing Therapy   £10.25 - 100ml

Nutrient enriched restructure, a rebuilding hair mask to compliment our deep re moisturiser. When hair is damaged, sometimes re moisturising is not enough, there is a need to replenish lost vitamins, minerals and proteins, and put back the building blocks of your hair.

Hair Thickening Creme   £7.60 - 100ml

Thick and luxurious, over time conditioning agents gently penetrate and thicken the hair shaft, but for that initial boost a cosmetic styling coating is immediately applied, giving hold and styling help, the hair immediately feels heavier and thicker creating additional volume. Conditions thickens volumises, instantly adds texture and body.

Chameleons Retail hairdressing products

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