Highlights and Lowlights what does this mean

When we are Highlighting or Lowlighting, we selectively separate out small amounts of hair which are then lightened or tonally changed to create a striking effect.

Why the different Methods?

There are basically three different methods used to achieve highlights and Lowlights

The Cap

The Cap Used by few salons but generally barely used nowadays.

This is an old fashioned but quick method where a rubber cap is placed on the head and the hair pulled through holes with a crochet hook type implement.

The cap method still has it's uses but they are few and far between, it is a very quick method for the hairdresser, but does not allow such great control over the end result, and will only allow for one colour to be applied.

We are unlikely to choose this method.



Used by many salons.

Hair is selectively woven out from the rest of the hair, and then wrapped in foil packages after applying the product.

We do not use this method as we are unable to use as many packages, also we cannot see the hair colour develop as well, so it is not the method to get the best result.


Easi Meche

Used by some Salons.

This is our main method of choice, hair is selectively woven out from the rest of the hair, and then sealed in Easi Meche packages after applying the product.

We would often choose to use more than one colour for this process, and often put in a lot of packages, this way we can achieve a fabulous result.

The Easi Meche method is more expensive and time consuming for the hairdresser, but the end result is far superior to that achieved with any other method.


Ok so what do I choose, Full head, half head 3/4 Head, T Section ? … I’m Confused

For your very first visit we would generally recommend to have a full head of highlights, and for alternate visits you could then choose to just top up with a T Section.

The T section, is where the highlights or  lowlights are applied to your parting, and the sides close to your face, so that any re-growth does not show, however if you regularly wear your hair up, this would not be adequate.

Half head and 3/4 head, if you never wear your hair up, this may be the choice for you.

 During Half head and 3/4 head high;ights, the hair is highlighted or  lowlighted from the top to either halfway or 3/4 of the way down your head, depending on your requirements. 

As this highlights the top layers of  hair that are on view, this would be sufficient if you always wear your hair down.

Sectional Highlights

Highlights aren’t always required to be placed throughout the whole head, and may be chosen to be used in sections of the hair depending on the look that is required; again we will  be happy to discuss this with you at your consultation.

There are many different highlighting techniques such as, slicing, block, tipping, dipping, shoe shine, ask us about these when you come in for your highlighting consultation.

If a toner is required to be used you will need a patch test 48 hours before

Please note that for legal reasons we are unable to offer colouring or highlighting services for under 16’s